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 El Peñon 

Situated on the road Havana-Matanzas-Varadero, this is our favorate place for a stop. The decoration of its bar is tremendously trashy but you can order refreshing juices, beers or a strong café. In a wooden hut they prepare very tasty sandwiches. Music is not missing.
Vía Blanca (Ctra. Habana-Matanzas) km 52. La Habana. 

 Museo del Ron  RECOMENDED

Many of the bars recently opened in Old Havana are nicely decorated, but with some light imperfections. This place is an exception. A well distributed space and a decoration done with love for details, make the difference. In addition the service is good.
San Pedro e/ Sol y Churruca, La Habana Vieja 

 Bar Restaurante Pekín 

Open in 2002, this establishment of the firm Palmares offers the best and cheapest dishes of the Chinese Quarter, although many people go there simply to have a drink. It has a charming bar and the waiters are very helpful.
Calle Zanja esquina a Manrique. La Habana. 

 La Quintica  RECOMENDED

A pleasant and sensual establishment that could be defined a bar, a café, a restaurant and, during the night, a cabaret, but first of all it constitutes a meeting point, a reference and pride to the whole village of San Antonio de los Baños. Even some Havana residents use it as a secret corner where they can enjoy a coffee or a beer during a relaxing evening. Placed on the border of enigmatic Ariguanabo river, which outlet nobody knows about, one might consider its location to be one of the main reasons for its success. The food, very cheap, is nothing to write home about but in this case it doesn’t matter at all.
San Antonio de los Baños. La Habana. 

 Taberna del Tío Cabrera 

This place doesn’t hide its previlege to rappresent Cuba’s oldest catering business, founded around 1760. We consider the gastronomic offer to be quite poor with a need to be improved not only because of its historical back ground but also because of the fact that in this village, situated 25 km away from La Habana, is taking place the biennial festival of the good humour. In addition, one of the most important film schools all over the world is just around the corner as well as the birth place of the troubadour Silvio Rodríguez.
San Antonio de los Baños. La Habana. 

 Bar Restaurante El Galeón 

A quite unpretentious and even modest place, even if its situation, in front of the Havana Malecón, couldn’t be better. It is provided with a restaurant where you can have sea food and chickpeas for cheap prices but we definitely prefer its bar and the pleasure of enjoying the nightly fresh air, sitting at its little terrace while having a mojito or a Cristal beer.
Malecón nº 403. La Habana. 

 Bar del Hotel Armadores de Santander 

This bar, open next to the Hotel Armadores de Santander in 2002, has a cosy environment to have a "mojito" or a beer near the harbour. The waiters are very charming.
Calle Luz nº 4 esquina a San Pedro. La Habana Vieja.  

 Bosque de La Habana  RECOMENDED

This cafetería, located in the ground floor of Hotel Meliá Habana, might be your favorite place to have a drink or eat a sandwich, a baguette or a light meal till late at night. It has a very comfortable terrace and a good service.
3era e/ 76 y 80, Miramar.  

 Floridita  RECOMENDED

It is one of the 10 best bars in the whole world. What more to tell? Elegance, tradition and excelent cocktails. Floridita’s daiquirís have a unique taste that can not be found elsewhere. Is this magic?
Egido esq. Obispo, La Habana Vieja 

 Kasalta Sport Café 

Famous in the all the town; close to the tunnel which separates Miramar from El Vedado. The decoration is about sports, with many different objects, t-shirts, posters on the walls and videos on the televisions. They offer light food (not fast, because they are a little bit slow) at reasonable prices
2 e/ 5ta y 5ta-A, Miramar 

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